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Basement & CellarTanking

You will generally find basement tanking in older properties and it is a traditional method of waterproofing a room below ground level. In older buildings the method of construction meant that the foundations were laid with mortar used sparingly and this allows water to ingress through the gaps and it was accepted that they would probably leak.

Traditional Basement Tanking

Basement tanking was developed to seal these gaps and crevises and subsequently stop water coming through. Put simply, the walls are coated with an inpenetrable lining (known as a slurry) and this forms a ‘tank’ within the basement area and stops the water getting in. This lining provides a smooth, seamless wall finish which not only looks good, it also acts as a permanent water barrier. There are times when basement tanking may not be ideal solution due to outside forces so please check out the other solutions we can offer